Wheel Alignment

Hunter HawkEye Elite TD 4 Wheel Alignment at CB Auto Service in Kirkcaldy.

At CB Auto Service, we provide 4-wheel alignment and tracking services for all passenger and light commercial vehicles, employing digital imaging cameras. Our HawkEye aligner continually capture images of reflective targets fixed to the wheels, enabling us to monitor the orientation and position of each wheel in real-time and deliver prompt alignment readings.

Before commencing the alignment process, your vehicle undergoes a comprehensive assessment based on factors such as condition, load, and tyre type. This evaluation helps identify any existing issues that could potentially impact the safety or handling of your vehicle.

If any faults are identified during the assessment, we will recommend the replacement or repair of affected components such as wheel bearings, ball joints, track rods, suspension, etc. This step precedes any adjustments made to the wheel alignment.

Accurate measurements are taken, and the geometry of your suspension and steering components is then adjusted according to the manufacturer’s specifications. These adjustments, including camber, caster, toe-out, and tracking, are crucial for enhancing the stability and safety of your vehicle on the road in various driving conditions.

Poor adjustment can cause or lead to:

  • Tyre noise
  • Tyre wear – reduced lifespan
  • Problems with handling
  • Road shock
  • Poor fuel economy

CB Auto Service has been a Bosch Car Service Centre since 2012, providing vehicle servicing, maintenance, and repairs, for most makes and models of cars, vans, LCVs and electric vehicles. At CB Auto Service, we follow the strict codes of practice set out by Bosch, which guarantees our customers the highest levels of workmanship, customer service and affordable quality.

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